Client Testimonials

One Up Sports Performance and Wellness prides itself on total customer satisfication. Our goal is for our clients to reach their full potential and living a productive, active, lifestyle.

Eric Cartwright

- 60 years old

- Avid Golfer

“My initial curiosity about the effectiveness of TPI training and Brandon’s program has been rewarded, I’m now a true believer.  Six months ago I was fast approaching my 60th birthday with a 6 handicap, which was climbing as I lost distance in my long game.  I’m ending the summer as a 3 handicap, stronger, more flexible, with a rejuvenated long game and my playing partners signing up to start training this fall.  This program will benefit golfers of all skill levels.  More strength, better balance and increased flexibility are essential to every golf swing and Brandon can develop the program that is right for you.”

Bill Herrmann

- Lancaster Modified Hockey

"My 2 sons train with Brandon Monin at One Up Sports, plus I send 2 teams of modified ice hockey players to him on a weekly basis. Brandon is the complete package when it comes to managing a fitness program. He is not just a personal trainer running you through a set of exercises. He understands how the body works and the nutritional needs for you to meet your own fitness/strength training goals. His program is perfect for my sons and my players. They all "like" going to Brandon as he makes the time there enjoyable, he relates very well with them.

I have 1 son in a group class setting, but the program is personalized to each kids capabilities and fitness goals. I also have 1 son that works with Brandon in a more intimate one on one setting, this has been very beneficial for him as he is not only catered to, pushed, coached, mentored, he is also learning all aspects of the exercises as Brandon spends time teaching him what he is accomplishing and strengthening during each routine.

Brandon has the ability to motivate and push beyond self-imposed limits. Each day it seems as though my sons/players are achieving another breakthrough and gaining confidence in their abilities. Brandon’s best quality is himself. He is a kind and authentic guy that truly cares about his clients and the community at large. I am very grateful that I was introduced to him and plan to continue with his program indefinitely."

Derek Steimer

- 27 years old

- Former Football and Baseball Player

“Having Brandon Monin as my personal trainer was the best thing I did for myself and my workout. Brandon has a vast expertise in fitness and health, from his energized workouts to his wellness plans and fitness articles. Thank you Brandon for helping me in my adventure and making working out enjoyable again are a valued asset!”

Anthony Chimera

- 27 years old

- Former Lacrosse Player

"I'm not trying to compete with the bodybuilders at the gym, I'm just trying to keep my body as toned and flexible as possible. Brandon developed a realistic program for me with lots of variety and intensity. The results and the experience of working with Brandon have both been very positive."