Sports Performance & Wellness

Welcome to One Up Sports Performance and Wellness, the up and coming sports performance training for professional and amateur athletes. We prepare beginner and elite level athletes in sport-specific, position-specific, and movement-specific speed and agility conditioning drills. Our athletes build better sports speed through reaction time drills. Our athletes already know the techniques of their sport - through state of the art sports performance training, we teach their bodies how to perform at a new level, gaining speed, agility, strength ands quickness.


One Up Performance is a team of health and fitness professionals in many different arenas of health and fitness. One Up Sports Performance is made up of caring, experienced, and knowledgeable professionals with one agenda in mind- to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. We have a commitment to providing services of the highest quality.

One Up Sports Performance is reputable and trusted with huge successes with general health/fitness and post rehabilitation populations, weight loss, and strength training. Our personal training and fitness bootcamp programs provide a wide spectrum of influence and results for our clients and their goals.


  • - Alleviated Stress
  • - More Energy
  • - Better eating habits
  • - More Confidence
  • - Better Life-style


Fitness is defined as being in shape or good physical condition. Wellness refers to being free from illness and diseases. Being fit and well requires that we consume healthy diet and do some regular exercises.

Fruits, vegetables, meats, seeds & nuts in suitable amounts should be included in our daily diet plan. Exercising can be done by means of exercising equipment for lifts, squats & presses or in various other ways like aerobic exercises (cycling, running, biking, swimming, rowing, etc.) and gymnastics such as pull-ups and push-ups, dips & sit-ups, rope climbing, pirouettes, splits, holds & flips. Doing all these exercises in different combinations increase our endurance and stamina.


  • - More Energy
  • - Greater efficiency at work
  • - Better Life-style
  • - Live Longer
  • - Greater Concentration