Elite Athletes

Don’t wait until it’s too late to prepare for next season…

We have successfully trained individuals at all levels including Professional and NCAA athletes. Through the use of our training methods, our athletes develop speed, agility, strength, power, acceleration, mobility, explosiveness, reaction time, eye hand coordination, conditioning, balance, core stability, confidence, mental toughness, good nutritional habits, and body awareness. This is not a “cookie-cutter” or “one size fits all” training program. All of our programs are specifically designed for personal individuals, which are regularly progressed for that person’s needs, their unique adaptation to the training program, and the demands of their specific sport.

Our programs include the following types of training…

Customized Training: All of our training programs begin with a performance and fitness evaluation. Our certified coaches work with you every step of the way ensuring that you are progressing properly through your program. Our training programs are completely customized to each individual and include the highest level of training guaranteed to produce results.

Plyometric and Explosive Training: If you want to increase your power and explosiveness, then plyometric training is a must! These exercises teach the body to utilize the elastic principles of the muscles and increase fast twitch muscle function through trained activation, all while reducing the risk of soft tissue injury.

Speed Training: This part of the program provides anyone with a proper speed training progression that consists of running mechanics and technique drills. The training will include resistive running drills, free running for acceleration and top end speed, and over-speed drills.

Agility Training: Do you need to work on sport specific quickness? We will specifically focus on enhancing your change of direction, acceleration and deceleration while providing you with the proper progression of drills based on your sport and level of training.

Cardiovascular Training: Are you training for a sport? Just trying to lose some excess weight or improve your physical health? We will tailor a cardiovascular program to meet your needs.  Your training program will include various methods to improve your VO2 max.   

Injury Prevention
& Prehab: Your training program will include exercises that focus on the strengthening and stabilization of the neck, knee, ankle and shoulder. A stable and effectively functioning joint allows for optimum power output, which increases performance while decreasing the risk of common sport related and overuse injuries.  

Weight Training: Using a completely scientific approach to weight training backed by years of research a program will be provided designed to meet your needs. Your training program will include a variety methods based on individual needs and goals.

Diet & Nutrition: Whether you are trying to lose weight or eat for optimum performance, you will be provided with nutritional guidelines and an eating plan will be designed according to your goals and training schedule.  This will allow you get the most out of your workouts while improving your general health and appearance.

Flexibility: This part of your program will help you maintain or improve the range of motion in your joints, and surrounding muscles. All while reducing the risk of injury and optimizing performance. Many times common hamstring, back and knee pain can be caused from inflexibility. Following a structured dynamic warm-up and band stretching routine as well as completing movements through a full range of motion can typically eliminate these. Are you an athlete? Being able to move through a full range of motion can increase power output by optimizing your body’s biomechanics.

Core: A strong core is an extremely important for every athlete. It is the center for most body movements, allowing effective transfer of power from the upper and lower extremities and is necessary for increasing your speed, agility, overall strength, explosiveness, and coordination.

Balance: Improve your body awareness and stability. This component  of your training utilizes all of the body’s proprioceptors to enhance performance or during activities of daily living. This part of the training program includes a plethora of exercises to accommodate for all levels of training.